I go to the quarry to find the right stone, but in fact it is the stone that chooses me.

I’m a massive fan of stone. I have been working with it for more than thirty years, as a stonemason and an artist. I am a craftsman, I do everything I need to work the stone with my hands.

The works are hugely experimental and vary depending on the state of mind.

The creation process starts in the quarry. I personally look for the stone, even if it is the stone that chooses me. I research, explore, awaken and involve my emotion (soul) and my intellect (body) in every work.

I put myself at the service of the stone and of the design. During my years as a stonemason I have restored historic buildings, reproduced Romanesque capitals, heraldic charges, fireplaces, baptismal fonts, religious sculptures, among others.

I create works of art as an invitation to enjoy a gastronomic experience.

The works are a proposal of dialogue. Through them, I invite people to poetically and playfully interact with the stone.

Every cut, every finish, every polish, is designed to afford a refined and unique experience.