Joseba Lekuona Yaben

Each material has its own message, and for creative artists, his own song.

                                                                                                           Frank Lloyd Wright

I´m a stone-carver and I have more than 20 years of experience. During this time I have realized all kind of proyects, such as structurals, docent assignments and restorations. developing ancient techniques and artistic attitudes. Since 2006 with hartea I began a new stage alone prioritizing the experimenting with the forms, the materials and their uses.

This stone vibration proyect fascinate me. Since the restoration of a pile of incredible dimensions used in the production of oil, creating sculptures to be placed in a public square, sculpting personal symbols on a stela, building a wall in the garden where each joint is expressed as an open book, polishing an exceptional marble where the veining flows in front of our eyes after rescuing it from a quarry that would becomes gravel.